“It's AWESOME! It's {the work} being distributed to everyone in our stake as we speak. The quote from my contact was, "This has exceeded all of our expectations.":) Getting it to them this fast has established major credibility in their minds about us. I know your team is exhausted. Please relay to them how grateful we are for all their work! Next time I'll take more time to listen to you regarding the time you need. I feel I was too hasty and put you and your team in too much of a time crunch. You did it though so you continue to solidify your ROCKSTAR status:)”

CEO & President, BI Product Development Company, USA  

“The management was professional and overall the service was very good. Software implementation was as specified, and the project was completed on time. We will prefer using this contractor in the future for similar projects.”

Technical Director, Company providing e-learning solutions, Finland  

“Verve Systems, its managers and the developer that we were assigned were all very professional and provided good work for our project. They were the shot in the arm that we were hoping for. The developer was able to jump into our half-way finished web project and quickly begin providing input and coding. Friendly and professional and knowledgeable … but most importantly accessible via skype, email or phone. I would definitely recommend them to others.”

CEO, Social Networking Platform, USA  

“We are very happy with the final solutions provided to us. Some amazing user interface designs options and functionality implemented gives us a unique edge. I would highly recommend Verve to anyone who are outsourcing for the first time.”

CEO, Media and Publication Company, USA  

“With incredible speed of response they have amazed us. From the beginning of the project they have demonstrated good business knowledge and have provided with crucial inputs for a better product. Our Logistics Application developed by Verve has ensured enormous saving in time by automating quotation processes and increasing productivity by more than 60%.”

Owner, Logistics Solution Provider, Australia  

“We were always on the look out for a provider which offers multiple technology expertise. Changing so many vendors we finally got what we wanted at Verve.”

Partner, Internet Company, Israel  

“Excellent process, innovative business models, flexible approach, and attention to details. This outlines our experience with Verve which has not yet ended!”

Project Manager, Software Solution Provider, Australia  

“Verve Systems has been our development partner and provider for creating our unique placement portal. This has not only reduced our cost to produce a placement brochure but also provided us a different platform to reach out to our recruiters.”

Associate Dean, Leading B-School, India  

“As you know, to be able to apply for our Internal Green IT Awards, we had a need to develop our Car-pooling application. As we didn’t have available resources, we outsourced the development in India to Verve Systems. The result of their intervention has been successful with a high quality level of services and we are very happy of this collaboration. In the scope of your mandate I recommends them if you would have a need to satisfy in any technologies for a reduced timeline due to a lack of available resources. They are reliable, available and proactive.”

Project Manager, One of largest IT Company in Canada  

“We are very pleased about co-operate with the vervesys. It was our fourth collaboration and there is one specific reason that makes us always choosing the vervesys. The unexpected and wonderful feedback from outsourcing company. The vervesys gave us a lot of critical advice during every process of our project. It really helped us. Great job. We hope to work with you soon." They gave us 5 out of 5 rating in the following parameter in customer feedback upon project completion: Quality, Expertise, Cost, Schedule, Response & Professional.”

Steve, South Korea