Just R1 Crowdfunding Site

Just R1 is crowd-funding Website. In this website user can promote projects like performing arts, design, photography, publishing, toys, products, film, TV, Theater and fashion.

Users need register and upload their projects on the site to raise the fund. Users can promote their projects by uploading the images and videos related to the Project.

  • Dashboard where user can manage and create post.
  • Create Group to raise the fund for the project.
  • Notification/Alerts will be sent to the group if any new project has been added on the site by the user.
  • Integration of PayFast payment Gateway for the financial transaction.
  • Admin can accept and decline any project after verification of the content.
  • User can send a message to their friends who have joined this site.
  • User can view the list of members which are connected with their projects.