Lunch Time App

Online Order & Tracking

"Lunch Time App has been divided into the following Major Areas:

a) Customers: This application is for the iPhone and Android users. In this Application customer can register and maintain their profile. This application allows customers to choose the single cuisine, multiple cuisine or all the listed. Customers can also change the Language on which they want different cuisine to be displayed. In this application customers can also search the restaurants which are close to them or as per their current location or the location specified in their profile and place an order. User can add menu items and restaurants to their favourite list. Customers can post their reviews on Social Media, Blogging sites and also can give the feedback to the restaurant. In this application customer can scan the QR code through which they can collect their orders from the Restaurant Payment Counter.

b) Restaurants Owners: Restaurant owner can sign up into the application and provide their business details including name, address, logo and other details. In this application Owners are able to add/Edit the Menu items for the specific date and time for Lunch & Dinner. Restaurants owners can track the orders that are queued. When customer arrived in the restaurant, then Owner of the restaurant can confirm the arrival of customer either with the help of QR code or List of order generated for the individual customer. Owners can also send the push notification to the customers once the order is ready. In this application all the history of the orders will be maintained. Restaurant Owners can access this application only in the iPad."

Main Feature:

    • Maintain multiple user profile.
    • Multilingual
    • Search nearby restaurants as per location or cuisine.
    • Place order through the iPhone or Android Phones.
    • Social Media Integration.
    • Multi Payment Options.
    • QR Code generator.
    • Add cuisine or restaurants to favorites.
    • Give feedback about the Restaurants.
    • Hot Deals will be listed.
    • Customer Arrival confirmation.
    • Track Orders by Customers who had not reached to restaurant or by orders that are ready for service.
    • Push Notifications.
    • History of Orders received or Placed.
    • Sequence Generation.
    • Restaurant QR codes to display restaurant at the appropriate place.