Placement Portal & Workflow Management

Placement Portal & Workflow Management
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This portal is a web based content management system based on open source technology platform. This portal provides facilities to the recruiters to search, select, shortlist and schedule interview based on their individual requirements. This portal allows students access as well.

Main Feature:

  • Powerful inbuilt CMS

  • Helpful to Potential Employers

  • Ease to use - powerful tool to search, select, shortlist and schedule interview

  • Time - A fast & reliably placement process

  • Cost - It costs nothing compared to the collective cost incurred in printing & shipping brochures, CDs and other placement kits

  • Market Access - The market accessibility of this portal is very high as unlimited number of prospective Recruiters/Visitors

  • Empowerment - portal empowers you to work like an interface between your students and your recruiters